About Us

It’s About You

Everyone is a runner, but not all runners are the same.  Maybe you’re new to the sport, or maybe you’ve been at it for years.  Either way, you want to keep running through thick and thin, through good times and bad.  Running fuels your body, clears your mind, and refreshes your spirit.  So you deserve the experience of having people help you focus on the exact elements you need right now to give you the best running experience possible.  But that’s not all.  You see how running can benefit everybody, whether by promoting fitness, raising awareness and funds for charity, or just having more runners to have fun with.  It’s not just what you’re running in, it’s what you’re running for.  You deserve partners who play a significant role in promoting and driving progress in running, fitness, and products.  You deserve partners who are integral in driving running forward.  And that’s where Independent Run Shops come in.


It’s About Them

Owners of Independent Run Shops live and work in your community.  They built their lives and their businesses around running, but more importantly around runners.  They support them holistically by selecting only the best products for our sport, by distilling the tsunami of information out there down to just the essence of what is truly important, and by creating gathering places for runners that inspire, encourage, and support the sport of running for all runners.  They share your passion, adventures and experiences.  They are by your side at every bend in the road.  And so,


It’s About Us

Born from over 20 years in our own Independent Run Shop, we saw a need to create a platform that would support these locally owned shops in their mission to expand love for and participation the sport of running.  We offer a web location that helps them get the recognition they deserve as spots where you will get optimal, customized products and information…and even an insider tip or two that can make all the difference.  It's a place that allows them to offer their loyal customers the convenience and speed that runners sometimes need to get back out there on the trail first thing in the morning.  Every purchase supports Independent Run Shops like ours.  So every purchase supports runners…just like you.