Orange Theory @ Runner’s Edge| Sat Nov 3rd 11a-2p

Orange Theory @ Runner’s Edge| Sat Nov 3rd 11a-2p

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Come over to meet an Orange Theory staff member this Saturday November 3rd to get your questions answered about training at Orange Theory! Get committed before the New Years Resolution season!

Orange Theory Staff will be at Runner’s Edge from 11a-2pm

The Runner’s Edge-Wilmette

1515 Sheridan Road

Wilmette, IL

Race Day Kit Preparation

Lay out exactly what you need for race day.

race day kit the runners edge
This includes what you need before, during and after the race. See what you are missing, need, and need to replace now. Beat the crowds who wait only to find the essentials are out of stock.
Remember, everything that goes into your bag should be tested before race day to avoid unnecessary problems. We suggest preparing Plan A and Plan B kits. You’ve trained in heat and humidity all summer, but what will you do if it’s cold, windy, raining or snowing?

Simple Race Day Kit

Pre Race
Throw Away Clothes
(Keep warm until race, then ditch them)
  • Top
  • Bottoms
  • Undergarments
  • Hat
  • Nutrition
  • Carrier for nutrition (belt, pockets)
  • Watch, Phone (Earbuds)
  • Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Body Glide
Post Race
  • Change of Clothes
  • Slides/Sandals
  • Compression Socks
  • Healthy Snack, Drink
  • Cash, I.D., Insurance card
  • NSAID, Biofreeze, BandAids


Recovery Ready

It’s high time to evaluate your recovery process. What does your recovery look like after a run? Whatever your plan is (or is not), it can generally be improved. Here are 5 quick tips to try or remind yourself:


Tip 1

Drink water. Lot’s of it. Recovery starts with replenishing your body and in turn you’ll ward off muscle injuries.

Tip 2

Eat well. You run how you fuel. You have heard those phrases before. However, we want to encourage you to pay attention to what you consume post-run. Ideally, you want to take in a general 4:1 carb to protein ratio within 30 minutes of your run like chocolate milk. That is the best window to encourage recovery because your muscles are the most receptive to glycogen. If chocolate milk (cow, almond, cashew, coconut, soy etc.) equates to less stiff or sore muscles- how could you pass?

Tip 3

Ice ice, baby. We prefer freezing water in small size paper cups. Peel it like a popsicle for your very own ice targeted massage. (No more frozen bags of vegetables people!!)

ice massage cup


Tip 4

Vitamins and blood analysis. (Ask a doctor!) Did you know you can ask your doctor for a blood test? Learn about the 7 Health Tests Runners Should Take to check for deficiencies like anemia or even vitamin D. Also, check out this quick list of vitamins that are beneficial to athletes. It also includes different food sources you can get them from. Check it out.

VItamins k

Tip 5

Roll out and stretch. Most runners- beginner to experienced- know to stretch their calves, hamstrings and quads. But do you know how important it is to stretch or roll out your hip flexors? Tight hips can cause knee pain, Achilles tendinitis, IT band syndrome (ouch) and tight hamstrings.  Here are 7  Hip Flexor Exercises with photos and/or videos we recommend from Runners Blue Print. Pigeon pose is popular with our staff!

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Best Roller Ever Roll 8 Recovery

***Don’t forget to enter our Roll 8 Recovery contest. Stop into your The Runner’s Edge location, take a photo with the logo cutout and post to Instagram. You’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card from Roll 8 Recovery. We have officially had one winner (M. Pawlak of Vernon Hills, but they are announcing one winner every day in August.*** 


School Supply & Book Drive

The Runner’s Edge is hosting its 2nd annual School Supply & Book Drive. This year we are teaming up with North Chicago schools to help students and teachers start the 2018-2019 school year off on their best foot!

Where: Donations can be dropped off at The Runner’s Edge Libertyville or Wilmette.
When: 8/2 – 8/25/2018 during store hours

Rules for The Best Classroom Experience

For full lists of the most needed items, please follow the link below.


The Runner’s Edge is excited to be able to give back to our supporting communities, and we hope you will join us again on this mission.

Other Ways to Give

We also have an ongoing shoe donation drive on behalf of GLASA (Great Lakes Adaptive Sports). Bring your retired or new shoes of any style to your nearest store and GLASA receives $.70 per pound of shoes to help keep people with physical and visual disabilities active.
Do you know a school(s) that could use the extra help? Let us know! Email 


Couch to 5K Training Tips

Do not let the weather confuse you folks. Spring is here and that means it is time to start your spring training. Remember the dark nights when you looked into the mirror and said, “Enough. I’ll run tomorrow. I’ll start my diet tomorrow. I’ll lose weight tomorrow.” Well tomorrow is here and we are excited for you!

Spring training The Runner's Edge Illinois

The Runner’s Edge is here to help motivate, inspire and (gently) nudge you. Deciding it is time to take action is the hard part. Starting is easier. Regardless of where you are at on your journey, we have some gentle reminders as you get back to it.

Shoe Check

We like shoes. We really do, and you should to. The right shoe fits the shape of your foot, feels comfortable and supports your body upon impact (the force is 3-5 times your body weight!!). Evaluate your current training shoes. How old are they? Can you bend it in half? Can you wring it like a towel? Does all of you feel supported when you are standing in the shoes? If you are not sure, stop into The Runner’s Edge nearest you for a free professional fitting. Learning to run is hard enough. Your body will appreciate the right shoe as you add miles.


shoe fit the runner's edge libertyville


Choose a goal. Plans come easy. Planning is the hard part. It is easier to plan your training with a goal in mind. Pick a race and sign up today. Give yourself adequate time to train without injury. If you are new to 5K’s the recommended training time is at least 9 weeks.

Here are a few great 5K races coming up in June to look forward to:

North Shore Classic 5K & 13.1 Highland Park | June 3, 2018

Run for the Zoo 10k, 5k, kids run Chicago | June 3, 2018

Dash Around the Lake, Mundelein- Run at the exclusive Mundelein Seminary | June 9, 2018

Superhero Dash & Splash 5k  Mount Prospect | June 16, 2018

Fun & Fit Family 5K – Lamb’s Farm in Libertyville | June 23, 2018




Create a New Support System

Having one person you are accountable to is OK. However, these days you can create the positive support group you need. Find support on apps, live training groups or by following hashtags on Instagram of people working on a similar journey.  Accountability doesn’t have to be your mom or significant partner anymore.  Strava

Write Your Own Training Plan

The key difference between a rigid and flexible plan is finding one that fits your lifestyle best. Some people need an all-or-nothing plan. Others thrive off of the ability to change the prescribed workouts accordingly. Following someone else’s training plan is helpful or you can also use a few as templates to create your own. Who knows what you have time for better than you do? Just make sure you incorporate stretching, strength training and cross training which can be as simple as walking for an hour.

Claim It

Take ownership of your actions by writing your goal onto paper. Post it. Think of a place you look everyday or perhaps in a place that triggers self-doubt; like a fridge or shoe rack. What is it for you?

What kind of goals are you making for yourself? Let us know! Share a photo with us on Instagram or Facebook


Easter Basket Run Ideas

Let’s hop to it! See what we did there?

Easter is just around the corner. The time to fill that basket is NOW. Lucky for you, The Runner’s Edge offers you (mostly) healthy options to fill eggs and baskets galore. We have had many customers over the years looking for alternative ways to fill Easter eggs. We get it- candy isn’t for everyone. Maybe this year you can mix up your egg hunt tradition and fill the eggs with little slips of paper that are either a:

  • Points-based System- Tally up points to redeem for prizes that don’t fit into eggs like a pair of shoes, scooter, sunglasses or movie tickets.
  • Redeem for Services- like a night out, choice of dinner, no chores for a week, run by yourself, race of choice 😉 etc.

If you want healthy, positive and fun Easter gifts here are our top 5:

  1. Goodr Sunglasses No bounce, no slip, polarized, fashion friendly sunglasses for $25! We also carry the BFG for those that prefer a larger frame. (Pictured: Electric Dinotopia Carnival)

goodr the runner's edge illinois electric dinotopia


2.  Momentum Jewelry – We carry the motivate wraps, footnotes and key rings. The inspirational messages vary from positivism to run specific.

run jewelery shoe messages triathlete




3.  Lock Laces – Perfect for kiddos who can’t tie, athletes with no time to spare or folks that prefer a slip on feel.

    Nathans Lock Lacks at The Runners Edge Libertyville Wilmette Illinois Run Specialty

     4.  Shoes – We fit big and little bunnies alike. Everyone deserves a fair fitting no matter the size of the paws. Come in 3/29- 3/31/18 to save $10 on youth size shoes and receive a FREE specially filled egg. *While supplies last.

kid shoes adult shoes gait analysis at the runners edge libertyville wilmette il

5. Wine Glass – Easter brunch? Gift the bunny who cares with a fun glass, champagne and cranberry juice!

skip run for wine glass easter

No matter what you decide to fill your eggs, baskets or time with this weekend, The Runner’s Edge wishes you a Happy Easter! Get out there and enjoy time with your loved ones. Ride a bike. Run. Walk. Skip to the park. Hop around. Be well!



ERC -Saturday SMLR 8:00a @ The Runner’s Edge-Wilmette


Plaza del Lago, 1515 Sheridan Rd., Wilmette 60091. 

Doors will open by 8 am, the run starts at 8:15.  Park in the lot or on the street (Westerfield Dr. or 10th St.).  

There will be runners going anywhere from 2 or 3 miles up to 8 or 10 or more depending on individual training goals.  There’ll be a wide range of paces, from 6 or 7 minute miles up to 10, 12 or more.  New runners are always welcome — we try to match you with other runners going similar distances and paces.  Runners have two options, both out-and-back routes:  (1) south or the reverse of our usual route, or (2) north along Sheridan to Tower Rd. and the ravine hills.  

Stay for some coffee and food after to get your Saturday started out on the right (or left) foot!

No Group Run Sunday March 18,2018

There will  be no organized group run this morning with so many of the runners heading to Cary for March Madness Half Marathon . Race well to those that will be racing.

Have a good Sunday run otherwise.


The Runner’s Edge