Benefits of running

Cardio: Increases stamina that is useful while playing any sport from basketball to lacrosse

Prevent Heart Disease: Regular active exercise helps arteries remain elastic which is best for heart health.

Burn Calories: Running is one of the most effective exercises in terms of calories burned per minute.

Improve Sleep: Vigorous exercise can reduce sleeping problems by decreasing anxiety and depression.

Build Muscles: Running works most of the muscles in the legs from the toe flexors to the glutes.

Contributes to a Stronger Immune System: Running aids in the production of white blood cells which strengthens the immune system making you less susceptible to illness.

Stress Relief: Alleviate stress through active exercise which can lift your mood.

Increased Energy: Running creates an energy of excitement created by the running community that is hard to match elsewhere. It’s just fun.

And three additional benefits worth a mention:

Do it anywhere — all you need is a pair of sneakers and some running gear and you can run. Whether on vacation or at home you make your own schedule when to run and you don’t need excess equipment!

Make friends — join a run club, run with neighbors it’s a great way to meet others!

Eat more carbs — yes, you can eat more carbs. The body needs carbs for energy to run so you can actually feel good about eating that piece of that bread or bagel.